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*** All prices and packages exclude recommended minimum 15% gratuity for therapist.
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City-Thai Massage

Thai massage is to balance the energy of the body to give a feeling of relaxation and well-being which transcends from purely physical to affect the mind and emotions  and even the spiritual aspects of our being.

60 min     $79     /      90 min     $120      /     120 min     $149

City-Thai Herbal Hot Compress

A massage is first administered to warm the muscles, which is then followed by the heated herbal pouch massage. Benefits include relaxing muscles through heat, easing respiration, and reducing tension.

120 min     $149

Aromatherapy massage oil is a liquid made up of plants and various herbs that benefit and effect someone’s mood or health. The way the aromatherapy massage oil is extracted is by gently heating plants and herbs. When the plants and herbs are gently heated the natural and essential oils and other beneficial properties are released. This massage is known to relieve tension and stress, relax the human body, soften the skin, improve blood circulation and improve breathing. With aromatherapy massage oil you can enchance the effects of a massage a significant amount.

60 min     $79     /      90 min     $120      /     120 min     $149

City-Deep Tissue

A variety of deeper and more penetrating massage techniques  are used to release muscle and connective tissue tension, soreness and stiffness as well as helping relieve chronic pain and joint dysfunction.

  60 min     $79

City-Relaxing Swedish

The classic European massage form that focuses on pure relaxation by melting muscles, increase circulation and create an overall sense of will-being

  60 min     $75

City-Lomi Lomi

Originating in Hawaii, Lomi Lomi is one of the most profound and spiritual forms of massage.  It involves long smooth strokes applied over the full length of the body in flowing, rhythmic and caring pattern.

  60 min     $75


Share one of the most wonderful body experiences with someone close to you. Choose from our Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi or Aromatherapy massages.

  60 min     $149


A combination of techniques that include Deep Tissue, Myofascial and Muscle Energy Techniques, which involve stretching and joint movements. It is mainly designed for athletes and individuals who are physically very active. The massage promotes recovery, increases flexibility and improves physical performance.

60 min     $75
City-Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A Gentle, light pressure, clinical form of massages used to detoxify and cleanse the body stimulating the movement of lymphatic fluid. Ideal for strengthening the immune system, recover after illness and surgery, and for maintaining overall good health.

60 min     $75

Add On To Any Session

Additional Time     $1.00/min

Hot Stone Therapy      $15

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